The internationally known Institute of Psychological and Educational Measurement (IPEM), is an autonomous, non-profit, registered organization engaged in educational measurement and psychometric research for the purpose of University and College Admission Testing and personnel recruitment for the past two decades.  IPEM is one of the largest non-government testing agencies in the country, and has been the official representative of the world’s largest testing organization, i.e. Educational Testing Service (ETS) N.J Princeton USA , in India . Some of our prestigious educational clients, for whom we have conducted exams include : a) IIM b) Univ. Of Allahabad c) Govt. of Gujarat (combined state entrance test for MBA BBA BSc. MSc.)  e) Council for Combined Pre-Medical Test .  (In order to maintain confidentiality we have non-disclosure agreements with most of our clients due to which we cannot provide you a complete written list of clients).


IPEM’s tests have earned high credibility for providing professional and secure admission & recruitment testing services to colleges, universities and corporations since 1979. We have a highly dedicated team of research scholars, reputed experts in the field of educational and psychological measurement and subject teachers spread across the country that jointly develop ‘tailor made’ examinations to suit the requirements of the test users. Our test items are custom designed to accurately help evaluate particular traits required in a candidate for a particular job position or course of study.    As an important part of the test development exercise, the items or questions incorporated in an IPEM test undergo severe evaluation. Firstly, after receiving the items from trained item-writers, the items pass through the judgment of subject experts who cheek the content, language and structure of each item. The items are then pre-tested on a small group for purpose of identifying ambiguities left, if any, for checking their difficulty level and identifying strong and weak distractors. In addition sophisticated software is used for item analysis. Thus, this exercise helps in arriving at appropriate items for a particular test. After the test administration, various other properties of a test for e.g., test reliability and validity are determined.

In addition to our expertise in developing tests IPEM also has the latest and most sophisticated data processing equipment for processing exam registrations, results and hosting the same on the Internet and if required on your website.  Our Electronic Data Processing (EDP) division is equipped with the latest high speed Optical Mark Readers (OMR) which are capable of evaluating upto 10,000 answer sheets per hour, and High speed Image & Character Recognition (ICR) systems which can help making photo admit cards, photo attendance rosters with examinee signatures etc. for administering the exams more efficiently with fool-proof security.


Besides getting your admission/recruitment done in a scientific manner through us, if required it is also possible to keep a part of the selection process with yourself.  Many clients add flexibility and give themselves leverage in the admission or recruitment process by keeping a part of the evaluation with themselves.  For example certain essay type of questions or interview/GD marks are scored separately by the clients and given to us to add with the objective type test results. If you require we can also give weightage to any specific category of students as per your instructions.


Since testing is our core competence we can offer you any one of the services mentioned below individually or as a whole package, and the best thing about it is that it will fall cheaper to you than doing it yourself.  Many of our prestigious clients like to out source their testing for this very reason to us as it results in great savings in time, effort, and cost.  In addition the tests are more scientific, the scoring is fast and 100% accurate and it also saves them from a lot of outside pressure for admission or recruitment into their institutions.





  1. Pre-test registration processing and exam planning :


We can help you with all the pre-exam processing work including candidate registration.


(i)                  Registration Form :  We will prepare, design, print, scan an electronic scannable registration form.  We will process all the pre-exam registration information.

(ii)                Photo Admit Cards :  We can scan examinee’s image information for e.g. his  photograph and signature and then print photo-admit cards with the examinee’s photograph, signature and registration information from the registration form.

(iii)               Verification Forms : For added test security we can prepare examinee verification forms.  These verification forms carry examinee information viz. his photograph, signature and registration details ensuring that no impersonation is possible.

(iv)              Photo Attendance Rosters : We prepare the attendance rosters and seating plans.  We can also provide attendance rosters with examinee photo and signature information so that cross verification of security is possible at the time of examinee attendance at the center.

(v)                Test Manuals : In case you wish to administer the test yourself, we can provide a step by step exam manual for test supervisors and proctors conducting that particular test.

(vi)              Hosting of pre-registration information on the internet and a copy on CD :  We can host the pre-registration information on the internet with an easy search facility for your prospective examinees to access from anywhere in the world and also provide you the same information on a CD with an easy search software.

(vii)             Information Brochures :  We can help you preparing your information brochure which many of our clients give along with the exam registration form.


  1. Preparation of the Exam Test Booklet : With over 20 years of experience in designing psychometric, aptitude and achievement (subject) tests, we can specifically design tests to access the applicants skills suitable for a particular course.  We have our own confidential printers located across the country; and have with experience designed fool proof security systems to guarantee the security of the tests. We have well developed and in-house question banks with special tests for the recruitment of students for different levels (UG/ PG) and for different courses such as MBBS, B.Tech, Biotech, MCA, MBA, BBA, BCA, BSc. B.Ed etc. The tests may include tests of general aptitude as well as tests of special subject skills depending on the requirements of the client organization. Tests developed by us are valid and reliable hence enable the client to get the best students.


  1. Conducting the Exam :  If required we can conduct the exam for a client on an all India basis, alternatively if the client desires he can conduct the test himself with our support and guidance.



D.     Post Test Requirements


(i)                  Response Sheet Form : We will prepare, design, print and scan an electronic scannable response sheet.  We will process all the result information and prepare results in different formats as required by the client.


(ii)                Post Test Processing : We will prepare merit lists of candidates, alphabetical lists and results in other formats as required.  We will also provide post examination support for any clarification of results, re-checks of response forms etc.


(iii)               Photo Score Cards:  We can also print score cards with the candidate details and photograph and signature for use while interviewing the candidates. The interviewer can also check the authenticity of the candidate by checking his photo file record on the CD with the exam result information


(iv)              Hosting of result information on the internet and a copy on CD :  We can host the exam results on the internet with an easy search facility for your prospective examinees to access from anywhere in the world and also provide you the same information on a CD.  You can use this CD while interviewing/counseling a candidate for final selection.  For example when a candidate comes for an interview you can immediately have his full profile and background information including pre-registration information, exam scores, photograph and signature etc. before you at the click of a button.



If you like to know more feel free to contact us or visit IPEM for a customized, scientific and affordable testing solution.