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The internationally known Institute of Psychological and Educational Measurement (IPEM), is an autonomous, non-profit, registered organization engaged in educational measurement, psychometric research and testing for the purpose of student and personnel recruitment.


IPEM’s tests have earned high credibility for providing professional and secure admission and recruitment testing services to colleges, universities and corporations since 1979. We have a highly dedicated team of research scholars, reputed experts in the field of educational and psychological measurement and subject teachers spread across the country who jointly develop ‘tailor made’ examinations to suit the requirements of the test users. Our test items are custom designed to accurately help evaluate particular aptitude or traits required in a candidate for a particular job or course of study.

In addition to our expertise in developing tests, IPEM also has the latest and most sophisticated data processing equipment for processing exam registrations, results and hosting the same on the Internet and if required on your website.  Our Electronic Data Processing (EDP) division is equipped with the latest high speed Optical Mark Readers (OMR) which are capable of evaluating over 10,000 answer sheets per hour, and High speed Image & Character Recognition (ICR) systems which can help making photo admit cards, photo attendance rosters with examinee signatures etc. for administering the exams more efficiently with fool-proof security. 

Besides getting your recruitment done in a scientific manner through us, if required it is also possible to keep a part of the selection process with yourself.  Many clients add flexibility and give themselves leverage in the admission or recruitment process by keeping a part of the evaluation with themselves.  For example certain essay type of questions or interview marks are scored separately by the clients and given to us to add with the objective type test results.

Since testing is our core competence we can offer you any one of the services mentioned below individually or as a whole package in cost effective terms.  Many of our prestigious clients like to out source their testing for this very reason to us as it results in great savings in time, effort, and cost.  In addition the tests are more scientific, the scoring is fast and 100% accurate and it also saves them from a lot of outside pressure for admission or recruitment into their institutions.

Following are the details of the testing services offered by us:

A.   Pre-test registration processing and exam planning:
 We  help with all the pre-exam processing work including candidate registration.

1.      Registration Form :  We prepare, design, print, scan an electronic scannable registration form.  We process all the pre-exam registration information.

2.      Photo Admit Cards :  We scan examinee’s image information for e.g. his  photograph and signature and then print photo-admit cards with the examinee’s photograph, signature and registration information from the registration form.

3.      Verification Forms : For added test security we prepare examinee verification forms.  These verification forms carry examinee information viz. his photograph, signature and registration details ensuring that no impersonation is possible.

4.      Attendance Rosters : We prepare the photo-attendance rosters and seating plans.  We also provide attendance rosters with examinee photograph and signature information so that cross verification of security is possible at the time of examinee attendance at the center.

5.      Test Manuals : For smooth administration of the tests, we provide center supervisor and invigilators manuals which provide a step by step exam manual for test supervisors and proctors conducting that particular test.

6.      Hosting of pre-registration information on the internet and a copy on CD :  We host the pre-registration information on the internet with an easy search facility for your prospective examinees to access from anywhere in the world and also provide you the same information on a CD with an easy search software.

7.      Information Brochures :  We help you in preparing information brochure which many of our clients give along with the exam registration form. The cost of the information brochure depends upon the number of candidates and the additional services required.

 B.  Preparation of the Exam Test Booklet :
With over 20 years of experience in designing psychometric, aptitude and achievement tests, we can specifically design tests to access the applicants' skills suitable for a particular course of study or job.  We have our own confidential printers located across the country; and have with experience designed fool proof security systems to guarantee the security of the tests.

 C. Conducting the Exam
We conduct exams for our clients on an all India basis, alternatively if the clients desire they may conduct the test by themselves. 

D.  Post Test Requirements & Results

1.       Answer sheets : We prepare, design, print and scan an electronic scannable answer sheets with all possible security features. We process the result and prepare results as per the format  provided by the client.

2.       Post Test Processing : We prepare merit lists of candidates, alphabetical lists and results in other formats as required.  We also provide post examination support for any clarification of results, re-checks of answer sheets etc.

3.      Hosting of result information on the internet and a copy on CD :  We host the exam results on the internet with an easy search facility for the prospective examinees to access from anywhere in the world and also provide the same information on a CD.  This information may be used this software while interviewing a candidate for final selection. 

4.       Providing Research Report to Client Organizations :  To discuss the psychometric properties of the tests and the extent to which it is useful in predicting the recruitment of the best human resource, an analysis of the test is sent to the client institutions if needed.  The analysis report mainly comprises of the test reliability, item analysis, content analysis and speededness of the tests.  Such tests also help the client organizations to review their requirements and accordingly analyze the objectives of testing.

The entire testing project can be completed cost effectively.  This includes pre-registration, preparation of the exam, conducting exam and delivery of results in both printed and electronic format. Incase you wish to know more about our testing services kindly feel free to call/write to us or visit IPEM for a customized, scientific and affordable testing solution.




These are scientifically designed aptitude and achievement tests for school children which assess the potentials and ability of school children and help them choose a rewarding career/subject stream.  There are two programmes under SAPS :


In collaboration with the Council for Indian School Certificate Examination (CISCE) IPEM is successfully conducting Academic Aptitude and Achievement Tests (AAT) since 1996 for Council affiliated schools.

The AAT consists of two tests : An  aptitude test and an achievement test. No special preparation is needed to take these tests. The tests basically measure the students' -

» Potentialities for various subject streams
» The level to which one uses that potential


Aptitude Test : This is a two hour test. It is intended to indicate the level of development of verbal and quantitative reasoning abilities which are considered by educational scientists to be essential for success in the next higher level of education.

Achievement Test : This is a two to three hour test and is intended to provide information about the students' achievement of skills in the subjects studied at school. The emphasis is on assessment of school learned academic abilities and skills of comprehension, analysis, judgment and application developed in his/her subjects of study, rather than bookish information and knowledge only.

AAT Certificate of Performance and Helpful Guidelines : Each test taker receives a certificate of performance. The certificate gives the following information about the students performance.

·         Percentile Ranks

·         Grades

·         A Student Performance Profile for each section of the test for easy interpretation of performance

·         A detailed qualitative information about a student's potentialities and suggestions about future subject streams for which he/she is best suited.

Meritorious students are given a special "Certificate of Merit" as a token of appreciation for their performance. Schools which show excellent performance are awarded  "Certificate for the Best Performing Schools".

How to register for AAT: Students desiring to take AAT must register with their school authorities along with the prescribed fee.  Schools register their students through the Council.


IPEM is offering Test of Educational Abilities (TEA) for the students of class VI to XII  of the CBSE affiliated schools and other boards to provide helpful information to students, their parents and their teachers about their academic abilities, which may otherwise not be available in the school programme, and which will greatly help them make better decisions about the students' academic future.

TEA has two tests :Aptitude test and Achievement test - both tests are compulsory for a better assessment of abilities. No special preparation is needed to appear for the Aptitude test.

The Achievement test is intended to provide information about the student's achievement of skills in the subjects studied at school.

TEA Certificate of Performance : Each test taker will receive an attractive certificate of performance which will give the

·         Stannines and Percentile Ranks

·         A student's profile

·         Detailed qualitative information about future subject streams for which he/she is best suited.

How to register for TEA : Students desiring to take TEA must register with their school authorities along with the prescribed fee. Schools that  wish their students to take TEA may contact IPEM.




IPEM conducts student guidance and counselling services for the students.  Details of activities offered by us are given below : 

Student guidance programme

Our guidance and counselling package for students includes the following :

  • Self awareness package

  •  Group Counselling sessions

  •  Personality development and guidance

  • Motivational modules to tackle the problems of underachievement

  • Tackling specific problems of the students (study habits, personality, adolescent problems etc.)

  • Career talks on important careers

  • Career planning exercises

Orientation workshop for teachers

     The Orientation workshop for teachers is a two days programme including exercises on skills and process of counselling and ways to use psychological tests in counselling. The aim of these workshops is to sensitize the teachers to the various problems of students and to develop an empathetic approach for dealing with them. Methods for remedial  teaching are also discussed. 

    The Orientation programme mainly consists of the following.  However depending on the client institutions requirements we shape the programme accordingly.

  • Ice breaking

  • Need for Counselling and Guidance.

  • The basic concept of guidance and counselling.

  • Role and Qualities of an effective counsellor.

  • Skills in counselling.

  • Introduction to career counselling.

  • Guidance and counselling process.

  • Testing and non-testing techniques in guidance.

If the orientation workshop and student guidance programme are clubbed together our counsellors can arrange for both these activities within a period of 4-5 days.




IPEM provides admission and entrance tests for colleges, universities and professional Institutions that  wish to use reliable objective and secure tests for admission of students in the area of Arts, Science, Commerce, Law, Management, Engineering, Medicine, Agriculture and Computer Applications etc.

Our tests aim at selecting candidates who are trainable for the course of entry. This ensures that right students get an opportunity to study the courses in which they can do their best. Our aim is to provide tests which help Colleges / Universities to select quality students so that the level of learning and knowledge are enhanced. (Click Here for more info)




Organizations in order to be effective , like to recruit quality human resources and for  this purpose they require reliable and valid tests for selecting people for various positions . We at IPEM develop tests which are designed specific to the job description and keeping in mind the organizational needs. This ensures careful screening of the candidates for a specific position in  a particular organization. Our aim is to provide appropriate tests which can ensure a better   person-organizational fit.

Thus  our personnel selection service assists large employers / organizations by providing tailor made testing programs for selecting the best human resources available and most suited to their specific needs and requirements. IPEM has been undertaking recruitment tests for many prestigious government and non- government organizations ever since its inception and has done recruitment tests for many prestigious organizations like NTPC, GE Capital, BPCL, SAIL etc. (Click Here for more info)