IPEM was Founded in 1979 under the able leadership of a well known expert in the field of aptitude testing and personnel selection, Dr. Sushil K.V. Liddle, with the help and cooperation of Dr. A. Edwin Harper, Jr. an eminent American psychometrician.

The internationally known Institute of Psychological and Educational Measurement (IPEM), is an autonomous, nonprofit, registered organization engaged in educational measurement, and psychometric research.

The Institute of Psychological and Educational Measurement (IPEM) are pioneers in India in objective examinations and modern psychometric testing for educational guidance. IPEM has enjoyed the trust of government, quasi-government, private education organizations and corporations for over 25 years by providing valid and reliable testing services for admissions, and educational guidance. IPEM has the distinction of providing admission testing services to a vast number of institutions at both under -graduate and post-graduate level, in social, agricultural, pure sciences, commerce, law, medicine, management and computer sciences etc. IPEM services are widely acclaimed for integrity, excellence, reliability and promptness.



At IPEM our Mission is “To provide quality learning and assessment services and support education with the help of research and technology”.


»  To provide professional and consultative services in matters relating to education.

» To undertake educational activities in areas related to educational and psychological measurement and related fields; and conduct & develop psychological, educational tests and examinations.

» To provide professional and consultative services in areas related to educational and psychological evaluation. To create, conduct and evaluate custom made psychometric, academic and achievement examinations.

» To provide International Primary and Secondary education related services.



At the national level, IPEM’s tests have earned high credibility for providing professional and secure admission & recruitment testing services to colleges, universities and corporations since 1979. IPEM has a dedicated team of research scholars, reputed experts in the field of educational and psychological measurement and subject teachers spread across the country who jointly develop ‘tailor made’ examinations to suit the requirements of the test users for particular jobs, positions or courses of study. As an important part of the test development exercise, the items or questions incorporated undergo statistical analysis. After receiving the items from trained item-writers, the items pass through subject experts who check the face validity and the appropriateness of each item. The items are then pre tested on a small group for purpose of identifying ambiguities left, if any, for checking their difficulty level and identifying strong and weak distractors. Sophisticated software is also used for this purpose. After the test administration, various other properties of a test for e.g., test reliability and validity are determined.
In addition to the expertise in developing tests IPEM also has the latest and most sophisticated data processing equipment for processing exam registrations, answer sheets and results. Our Electronic Data Processing (EDP) division is equipped with the latest high speed NCS Optical Mark Readers (OMR) that are capable of evaluating over 100,000 answer sheets or registration applications per day and Fujitsu speed image scanners for Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR)

A) Scholastic Assessment Programme :
Designated primarily for school children from classes vii to xii. It aims at assessing aptitude of each student for proper guidance and diagnosis of qualitative strengths and weaknesses in student’s educational development.

Admission Testing Programme : This service assists Universities and other educational institutions. that wish to use reliable objective and scientifically developed,secure tests, for admitting students to various courses in the areas of Humanities, Sciences, Commerce, Law, Medicine, Agriculture and Management etc.

IPEM has carried out a number of educational research projects on behalf of government organisations and NGO’s. It has conducted rural and urban educational research projects for The State Institute of Educational Management and Training, (SIEMAT).

» COUNSELING AND GUIDANCE SERVICES : IPEM provides counseling and guidance services for Educational counseling, career counseling & vocational guidance, behavioral counseling, counseling for learning disabilities, and stress related counseling. IPEM has provided its counseling services to a large number of individuals, schools. IPEM has conducted many workshops for counseling for teachers, schools, and other organizations. It has also conducted many workshops for behavioral counseling for the Indian army.

The IPEM society started the IPEM International School as a new educational venture in July, 2004. The school was started under the able leadership of the Director, Dr. Mrs. L.G. Liddle and the Honorary Principal Miss S. Chatterjee who is the ex Principal La Martiniere Girls, Kolkata.

IPEM International School is presently a growing primary school proposed to go up to Grade 12 (Affiliated to the CISCE for conducting the ICSE -class 10 exams ). IPEM aims to provide International quality education at their school and use the latest teaching methodologies and tools.
IPEM believes that classroom learning is insufficient to make a child excel in life; therefore it aims to provide students with learning beyond academics, by developing talents through an emphasis on co-curricular activities and life skills. The curriculum is well researched, stress free and project based international learning methodology is adopted. To ensure that the curriculum is delivered appropriately, a low student teacher ratio is maintained, and personalized care is given to every child. Emphasis is laid on collaboration between parents so that they are actively involved in their children's education.

Situated in the posh Civil Lines area in a modern spacious campus, the IPEM International School is quickly accessible from any part of the city. It has spacious classrooms, computer labs, a music room, activity room, and a movie room with a home theatre system. It has a unique theme play park, a sports field and trained physical instructors for sports, PT and martial arts.